God’s countryside is gorgeous when you
make the time to take it all in!


Free, majestic, and wildly fascinating!  Studying wildlife
through the lens is an incredible experience.


There are modern marvels all over the planet
created by gifted men & women.


glad to have you here

There is nothing I love more than seeing other photographers thrive with my education.  But a close second to that is being out in the landscape exploring all that this beautiful planet has to offer.

Blake Rudis




High Quality Photoshop Education


I enjoy every genre of photography


Helping others nurture their gifts


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Excellent Mentor

Blake has a very natural way of critiquing images. He is thoughtful, playful, insightful, and offers some of the most helpful and useful pointers on how to make an image shine that I have ever experienced. In fact, it is because of Blake’s critiques that I joined f64 Elite.

He is kind, patient, thorough and, in all sincerity, I have yet to find anyone else who can explain why doing whatever changes he suggests works and the whole purpose behind his thinking process.


Marvel Educator

This is my first critique with you and man, what an eye-opener … so vastly different and superior to any I’ve had from others before. For someone self-taught in both teaching and providing feedback you, sir, are a marvel.


Continually Impressed


I’m continually impressed with your quick “eye” for noticing even minute details in images, and you’re ever-expanding toolbox of tips and techniques for enhancing photos.



Another Level

There seems to be a trend in Blake’s comment sections of people saying that they think Blake is the best Photoshop educator on YouTube. Well… I’m in that club! I’ve signed up for quite a few photography YouTube channels and a few classes too. I like many of them but Blake Rudis is on another level altogether. He’s engaging and has an ordered and well-rehearsed teaching style that just cuts to the point.



with me

Blake Rudis